AK47-MAG-30(EG)- AK47 Magazine-7.62mm-30rd-Steel- E German- New in Wrapper. Chinese-AK- Steel 7.62 X 39mm- 30rd-NOS. Aguila Ammunition- 22 LR- 40 Grain- 700 Pk. VIEW ALL. FEATURED PRODUCTS. Interarms® sells parts, accessories, thru its Arsenal Line Products™ brand. Interarms® sells products in the USA and to ITAR compliant customers around. Like the AK-74 mag, steel lugs were molded into the body and it used a steel floorplate. Criss-crossing ribs, however, were molded into the body for added strength, and possibly for quick identification as to its caliber. These “Russian Plum Waffle Mags” unfortunately lack any markings to indicate the arsenal that made them. Military Style Ak-47 Steel magazine. After over 70 years, the AK-47 remains one of the most popular, most widely-used assault rifles on the planet, thanks to its incomparable reliability and rock-solid performance.Based on over a half-century of experience with military surplus AK magazines these New production AK magazines are some of the finest you can buy. 1. The AK-46. The AK-46 was Mikhail's prototype that would later be developed into the AK47. It was, as the name implies, originally designed and sought review in 1946. This first AK rifle was chambered in 7.62x39mm. The AK-46 had two variants (for a total of 3 generations) created.

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